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Amazing Aircraft
Children's Literature with Dr. Vardell

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Book CoverHere is my review of a book by Seymour Simon...

Simon, Seymour. 2002. AMAZING AIRCRAFT. New York: SeaStar Books. ISBN: 1-58717-179-1.



If youre looking for a nonfiction book for a young reader on the topic of flight, then AMAZING AIRCRAFT may just be the one that you're after. Seymour Simon is the author of this book. He has written over two hundred science books for children. More than half of those titles have won awards. This particular book is a photo essay. The photos themselves serve as verification to the accuracy of this informational book.


Colorful full page photos and simple, yet interesting text make this book a good choice for children in the first through third grade range. Short paragraphs on the history of flight and a variety of airplane types are included in this book. The young reader will be introduced to Leonardo da Vinci, the Wright brothers and Charles Lindbergh. Any romantic notion of flight diminishes when the reality of the Hindenburg disaster is exposed. The different types of aircraft that are briefly discussed include; helicopters, gliders, the Concorde supersonic jet, and stealth fighter planes.  


The introduction to a variety of subjects on the topic of flight will surely whet the appetite of young readers. With the interesting topic, well written text and colorful photos, this high interest title will literally fly off the library shelf. 

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